NodeJS – Introduction

The popularity of JavaScript have skyrocketed in recent years and inevitably the Node.js and its ecosystem have played an important role. In last few years JavaScript has shown its strengths and have proved to be a major player in not just web development; even in IoT. In the next few weeks I am planning to […]

AngularJS: The Provider Subsystem

The injector needs to know how to create the objects that are to be injected, and the provider has precisely this knowledge. That’s how they work together! How does the provider know how to create objects? The provider has the recipe. Yes, seriously! That’s what Angular calls it. The provider is aware of the recipe […]

MongoDB – Mapping with Relational DB and SQL

MongoDB is an open source document-oriented NoSQL database which stores data in the form of JSON-like objects. It has emerged as one of the leading databases due to its dynamic schema, high scalability, optimal query performance, faster indexing and an active user community. We will start with mapping the basic relational concepts like table, row, column, […]

AngulasJS – Dependency Injection Demystified

What is Dependency Injection? Dependency Injection is a software design pattern in which an object is given its dependencies, rather than the object creating them itself. It is about removing the hard-coded dependencies and making it possible to change them whenever needed. Why do you need to inject dependencies? • Separate the process of creation […]

Object Oriented JavaScript: Only Two Techniques Matter

We will focus on only the best two techniques for implementing OOP in JavaScript. Indeed, many techniques exist for implementing OOP in JavaScript, but rather than evaluate each, I choose to focus on the two best techniques: the best technique for creating objects with specialized functionalities (aka Encapsulation) and the best technique for reusing code […]