About Me

I’m Jaladhi Trivedi and I am a software architect by profession, and a coder at heart. I have spent most of my professional life building frameworks and enterprise applications for the desktop, mobile and web platforms in technologies.

I have around 12 years of professional experience in analysis, design, implementation and testing of Enterprise Applications in the Client/Server environment which includes Web development. I have worked as Sr. Software Developer upto Technical Lead and I have been involved in all stages of the project development life cycle and interacted successfully with users at all levels.

I am expertise in developing reliable and scalable enterprise applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Backbone.js, Socket.io, Lodash, RequireJS, Express.js, jQuery, Web Components as a front end and PHP, Node.js as a back end. I also have an experience in using database like MySQL, MongoDB and web-servers like Apache, IIS, and Nginx.

As a passionate programmer, I love to face challenges, learn and adapt new technologies, problem solving, mentoring, leading and helping people to get the perfect solution to the requirement.

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